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As well as recycling and composting to reduce waste, here are some of the other things we've introduced at Nurses Cottage:

Solar PV - 18 Schott panels on our SE and SW-facing roofs generate electricity that we either use or feed-back into the power grid. These were installed by Greenheart Installations from nearby Itchenor.

Solar Thermal - Sussex-based company, A Greener Alternative installed our 20 Barilla tubes, which contribute towards the hot-water system.

Solar Panels
Log Burning Boiler-Stove

Multi-Fuel Boiler Stove - a Yeoman CL8HB boiler-stove contributes to heating for the extension and hot water for the whole house, by 'charging' (along with the solar tubes) a large Akvaterm thermal store (also installed by A Greener Alternative).

We use a combination of our own logs or local supplies from Andy at South Downs Lawns and Hedges and Stubbs Copse to fuel the stove.
Rainwater Harvesting - two large Graf Carat S underground tanks collect & filter up to 9600lts from the roof, which is used for the washing machine & flushing toilets as well as for watering the garden.  

Rainwater Harvesting

We also have several water butts and a large trough for collecting water from our sheds - every drop counts!